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We Grow Through Change

by | Mar 8, 2020 | Pastor's Desk | 0 comments

We have boxes and boxes of photos and videos stacked in our garage. When I have time to sift through them, I feel at times a loss of that which has passed. I remember playing tag throughout my hometown of Crosbyton, Texas; buying 10¢ toys at Woolworths; cruising the Diary Queen in High School; and enjoying fatherhood with three rapidly growing boys.

But despite all the recorded snapshots of my life, I know that the past is forever behind me. I can not recover or return to that existence.

And, I don’t want to. It was Marcel Proust who said “Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” The fact is, the happy moments of the past are equally matched by times of frustration, anger, pain, and sorrow.

I choose this day to live in the present. I have complete control over the decisions I make to enjoy this moment of this life. No one can take the present away from me. Let that sink in for a minute. Your present existence — the very instant of this time — is without pain, sorrow, or anger, if you so choose it.

Likewise, for Unity of Lake Travis, we must exist in the present moment. We need to be in this time that is calling us to help each other on our spiritual journeys. We are called to be present for others we have yet to meet, but whom will find joy and support as members of our congregation.

To live in the present is to embrace change. It is to jump into the rushing river of Spirit with nothing but the faith that the changing riverbanks swiftly moving past are signposts to the mouth of a final lake of gentle water.

Our journey as Spiritual Beings will take us rushing down that river, past many different twists and turns, to eventually dump us into the calming sea of Divine Oneness. If we choose to BE a spiritual being, the journey through the rapids and oxbows is the right of passage.

Make the commitment today to jump into the river with me, with other ULT congregants. Embrace the changing landscape as it serves to steer us to our final destination.

C’mon. You can do it.


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Pastor Bret

Pastor Bret


Our mission as a progressive Unity congregation is led by “Pastor Bret,” as he’s known in our community. A serial entrepreneur and life-long student of New Thought, Bret brings an energetic and evolutionary approach to the Spiritual Journey.

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