Unity Principles

Throughout the years, Unity teachers have arrived at five basic principles which help to identify and describe that which we share as Unity students.

The Five Unity Principles have best been described in The Five Principles by Ellen Debenport.

The Five Principles
Autumn forest in the mountains

God is all there is and present everywhere.

This is the force of love and wisdom that underlies all of existence.

Support for elder people

Humans are Divine at their core.

Human beings are an expression of God and therefore inherently good.

In thought

Thoughts have creative power.

We have the ability to co-create reality through thoughts held in Mind.

Woman in water during pray or meditation

We align through prayer and meditation.

We can be aware of our Oneness with the great Universal Power of God.

Looking for help

We must live the Truth we know.

It is not enough just to understand spiritual teachings.

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