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This is our Reset

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Pastor's Desk | 0 comments

If you know anything about me, you know I’m an optimist. I’m also impatient and look for ways to evolve. I don’t like standing still.

And for so long, I’ve felt that religious practice has been “standing still.” Even among newer groups, denominations, and movements, like Unity, “church” has not really changed much over the past centuries. There is, perhaps, more contemporary music, less formal attire, and less “cathedral-esque” architecture, but the concept of gathering on Sunday morning, listening passively to a message, singing a few songs, and passing the plate has not evolved.

There is a lot about our civilization that will change as a result of this pandemic. Already, many are re-assessing what is valuable in their lives. Jobs are no longer immune from invisible invaders, and the precarious nature of our economy — both as a nature and on a personal level — is making itself abundantly known.

Just look how much many of us have changed in just the past 30 days. We’re having more products delivered to our doorstep or picking up orders at curbside pickups. As one friend put it recently, we’re now “boomers turning into zoomers,” as we congregate via webcams rather than potlucks. And, sadly, for many, we’re learning that massive death tolls can rise rapidly and we naturally begin to feel weak and helpless.

The optimist in me does recognize the challenges. But, as a Unity student on a Spiritual Journey, I also know that whatever is placed before us is only as powerful as our perception of it. We validate that which we experience, until we realize that our experiences are not Reality. If we’re finding trouble coping with today’s events; if we struggle to identify love and caring; if we feel angry and blaming, we are not rising to our Christ consciousness, are we?

When I look across the broader landscape of humanity, I see that many people are not living their Christ consciousness. Therefore, I have to assume that our spiritual journeys are not being properly supported and fed. It may well be that traditional “church” is not meeting the needs of a society with more intelligence, more inter-communications, and more global attachments. Church can no longer be only in our backyard; it must be more in order to help us share our Spirit throughout our life experiences.

As we move through this epidemic time, you’ll see us try new things: new service orders, new online connections, new means of communicating within and beyond our spiritual family. Please take heart with these changes, knowing that their intention is to help us all move into our Holy potential. Support innovation and evolution. Embrace the change. Remember when you first moved from typewriter to computer? The learning curve was daunting. Software manuals were thicker than War & Peace! But we made it.

We will make it now, too. Together. Loving. Caring. Christ-like. Spirit.



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Pastor Bret

Pastor Bret


Our mission as a progressive Unity congregation is led by “Pastor Bret,” as he’s known in our community. A serial entrepreneur and life-long student of New Thought, Bret brings an energetic and evolutionary approach to the Spiritual Journey.

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