The Sum of Us—the illusion, the connection and the Oneness

Sometimes we forget and believe the illusion of separation. Sometimes we forget that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

That is why we are here together—to remind each other of what we really are.

The Illusion
Sometimes we forget and believe the illusion that we are just the sum of our life experiences or the labels that describe them . In truth, we are spiritual beings created in God’s image, the sum of the One Power, One Presence in unique, individualized expression. As beings of Light, we are whole and complete, just as we are.

The Connection
Nothing exists in isolation. Spiritually, we are all connected and in relationship with Source, Spirit and the Allness of God in every person. We all come together to share in each other’s evolution, as both teacher and student of each other. There are no accidents. We are all always on purpose in each other’s lives. In the words of Ram Dass, “We are all just walking each other home.”

The Oneness
Oneness does not imply uniformity. We are all unique expressions of Spirit. Oneness does imply that we are inextricably linked as spiritual beings created in the image of the One Power, One Presence that is 7 God. Just like the metaphor about the potential of the flutter of a butterfly’s wings to impact the evolution and trajectory of a tornado, our oneness is powerful because everything we think, every word we say, every action we take affects all of us .

Said another way , the sum of us is oneness.