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The Next Chapter

by | Aug 2, 2020 | Pastor's Desk | 0 comments

Our congregation has truly been blessed to have amazing spirit-led souls lead us over the past 5 years. Rev John and Pastor Bonnie are truly inspired people whom we all love so dearly.

Although today is a celebration of our past, it is also, of course, the first day of our future. While the past few months have been quite busy dealing with the transition from in-person to online services and gatherings, we have also been working on creating new spiritual growth opportunities. We are very, very close to launching a brand-new website, as well, which will showcase these new engagements.

The key is to provide for you the tools and support you need for your own personal spiritual journey. Each person’s journey is unique: yours is different from mine and different from anyone else’s. And that’s okay. But, we want to support that, as well.

I encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the website so you’ll be notified as soon as our new programs come online. You do NOT have to live in Lakeway. You can be a part of our community no matter where you live.

This pandemic gives us — Unity of Lake Travis — a unique opportunity to support spiritual journeys literally around the world.

If you have people you know who might connect with our mission to support personal spiritual unfoldments, then, by all means, connect them to Unity of Lake Travis. The more people we serve, the more programs we can support. And that allows us to help more people fulfill their own spiritual mission.


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Pastor Bret

Pastor Bret


Our mission as a progressive Unity congregation is led by “Pastor Bret,” as he’s known in our community. A serial entrepreneur and life-long student of New Thought, Bret brings an energetic and evolutionary approach to the Spiritual Journey.

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