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Spiritual Intuition

by | Mar 19, 2017 | Pastor's Desk

Spiritual intuition is too often misunderstood. We sometimes confuse it as something fanciful, way out there and far-fetched. However, intuition is not merely a superstition or some strange magic. It is the divine urge of our inner God.  Created in the “image and likeness” of God, spiritual intuition infuses our beings with all the power we need to live and express our best and highest self.

In the book The Revealing Word, Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore writes: “Humankind has direct access to all knowledge and the wisdom of God”. I believe that spiritual intuition is the means through which we tap into and access the knowledge and wisdom of our inner Christ consciousness. Intuition is the divine voice inside of our being that reveals what Fillmore calls our “natural knowing capacity”. Even mainstream Christianity speaks of “listening to the Spirit,” which is the still small voice within that is our spiritual intuition. This is Spirit’s way of guiding us towards the fullest expressions of our divine potential. Our intuition is the spiritual intersection where Divine Ideas meet our Divine Mind. At this nexus, we are able to directly experience guidance, discernment and inspiration.

Granted, intuition is not something that is highly rational or empirically provable by current science. However, it is nonetheless a supernatural gift from God.  Intuition is a transcendent quality that connects us with the will of God. In the silence, intuition gently guides us towards divine insight, spiritual clarity, and genuine inner peace. Grounded in truth, intuition speaks in decidedly clear language bereft of fear. Silent meditation and prayer quiets the mind and expands awareness of the divine flow of our own inner spiritual intuition. To connect with it, we only need be willing to clear and free ourselves from the blocks created by negative thoughts and emotions.  In this space, we open ourselves to experience a profound spiritual sense that we are directly connected to all divine knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

In Jesus Christ Heals, Fillmore relates that spiritual intuition speaks in a language that is “more definite and certain than that of words and sounds, because it has none of their limitations.” We often describe it as a gut feeling, or as coming from the heart. As we learn to honor these signals, we condition ourselves to express more of our divine potential, more of the time. However, our spiritual intuition is just like any other gift of the Spirit. It requires a willingness to focus and practice it in order to reach the goal of expressing true spiritual discernment. Learning to trust this inner knowing is perhaps our most important work. It is the very same “path of peace” to which the Buddha speaks.

In our past experience, we may have ignored our intuition, only to realize in retrospect that we should have listened to that still small voice within. It is through our daily choices that we experience the divine flow of God’s will in our lives. In Unity, we develop our capacity to honor this voice every time we quiet our minds, center our thoughts, and enter into silent prayer and meditation to connect with our own Christ nature. Personally, I have been aware of this inner spiritual intuition for many years. Even prior to my personal search into Unity and New Thought, I understood that the Holy Spirit could and would guide me.  I have often relied on my “gut feelings” when seeking God’s will for particular decisions I needed to make in my life.  I have often listened to that voice within to call someone, do something or move in a particular direction in life.  Sometimes, I have fought and actively resisted my intuition with rationality, doubt and fear.  Other times, I simply ignored and did not listen to the intuitive urge of the Christ within.  However, past failures do not prevent me from experiencing the power of my spiritual intuition, right here right now, or at any time that I may need its guidance, which, in truth, is every single day.

Misunderstanding the nature and purposes of our spiritual intuition is one thing. To willfully ignore it is another. So, for myself, knowing what I know about it, I reaffirm my goal to continue to be willing to simply be still and know that, through the language of my spiritual intuition, I am directly connected to all knowledge and wisdom. It is my gift directly from God intended to guide me towards the greatest expression of my indwelling Christ. All I need do is sit still long enough to actually hear God’s Voice and allow it to guide me. I invite you to join me in setting this intention in your own lives.




Pastor Bonnie

Pastor Bonnie


Bonnie Gale is a Licensed Unity Teacher and professor of English at Texas College in Tyler, Texas. She served as Spiritual Leader of Unity of Lake Travis from 2017-2019.

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