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The Goodness of Affirmations

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Pastor's Desk | 0 comments

What good are affirmations really? Throughout the Unity and New Thought movement, the idea of repeating short positive statements is popular. What good do these little statements do anyway?

  1. Affirmations have power.

Words have power.  Every word you say is an affirmation of something. It is a personal agreement with the truth behind the words, whether we realize it or not. We say “yes” constantly to our words.  As you go through the day, we use the power of our words. Stop and say to yourself: “I am so tired.  Life is just one thing after another.  I never have enough time.”  How do you feel now?  Did your personal energy shift by just saying these words? Words do have power to change our perspective about our day and the situations we find ourselves in. It is our words that activates the teaching of Unity’s 3rd Principle: We create our own reality through our thoughts and beliefs.

  1. Affirmations help us make a shift.

When we understand the power of affirmations, we pay attention more to the words that we are saying. Affirmations help us examine and release any past chatter and old programs. Saying affirmations can be part of your self-care. With affirmations, you can show yourself some compassion. It will bring you to be kind to yourself and you say only the Truth about your innate nature in Spirit. We have all known people who have told a lie so much that it has become a truth.  With the use of affirmations, we say statements of Truth and shift from the illusions.  We can say with Charles Fillmore at age 92, “I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that are to be done by me today!”

  1. Affirmations are awareness.

Emmet Fox spoke of the Golden Key in his writings. The Golden Key is the simple idea that when you focus on lack, difficulty or worries, you are not focusing on God. Affirmations are a way of focusing on Spirit in any situation. In a way, it is like praying without ceasing. When you repeat affirmations, you become more aware of Spirit each moment. They are the key to moment by moment awareness and taking control over your wild, monkey-like thoughts. Affirmations are agreements you release into the Universe. These powerful statements harmonize your thoughts and feelings with Spirit. My friends will tell you that I am not a musician, but I do know that to be in harmony involves an individual expression as part of a whole expression. Our affirmations are those powerful expressions in symphony with God.


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Pastor Bonnie

Pastor Bonnie


Bonnie Gale is a Licensed Unity Teacher and professor of English at Texas College in Tyler, Texas. She served as Spiritual Leader of Unity of Lake Travis from 2017-2019.

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