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Those of us in Austin and Travis County are now under a proclaimed “Shelter-in-Place” order. We’re encouraged to stay at home except for the most necessary reasons. Most businesses are shuttered for the time being.

The church is also closed. Normally, on Wednesdays, I’m at the church taking care of administrative duties and being available for anyone who wishes to visit in person. Today, as I write this, I am in my home study looking out at a sunny, cloudless day that contrasts so nicely with the general feeling of dismay, anxiety, and fear that is enveloping our world.

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

John 15:12 NRSV

This one statement is truly the totality of the Christ message: love. Love of an immensely deep, spiritual nature. A love that has NO exceptions or qualifications. A love that heals, pacifies, comforts, and encourages.

As we show our compassion for others who may be susceptible to the current contagion, let us remember that as we come into our home space, let us also come into our heart space. Let us decide this day, this moment to give nothing but love to all with whom we communicate. Whether it’s on Facebook, Zoom, a phone call, or text message, we should always share from a place of Divine Love.

Sharing our anger, our fear, or our biases will do nothing to elevate our consciousness to where it needs to be if we wish to be a healing channel for God’s perfection. We can only heal those whom we love unconditionally, as Jesus did.

Please, seek today to wake anew to a state of love. Let the glorious power of your love move through you and into everything. Love is the one power you have in abundance. Love cannot be rationed; it cannot be removed; it cannot be made ill or die. Love is YOUR power as a Divine co-creator. Use it often, and use it abundantly.


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Pastor Bret


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