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Our Daily Bread

by | May 24, 2020 | Pastor's Desk | 0 comments

In the past whenever someone standing at the front of the church began talking about Daily Bread, I could rely on a sermon about abundance and prosperity; that God would provide whatever we needed on a daily basis. We have been told over and over again that we live in an abundant universe: anything we need is to be expected in our hands as we need it.

And yet, we see miles long queues of cars each day at exhausted food banks across the country. Over 5 million children in the United States are going without a meal today. Where is the abundance we believe exists?

In Moses’ Israel, the jews that he had led out of Egypt cried out for food. God told Moses to have his people not worry, but, rather, to gather each morning the manna laying in the dew. Moses told the Israelites to only take what they needed and nothing more. But some hoarded the manna. They took more than they needed. And in the morning, they found that the surplus manna had rotted and spoiled. This was an important lesson of the tribes of Israel.

God’s daily manna was provided while the Israelites roamed the desert in search of their final homeland. It was provided in just the right amount needed.

So, yes, there is Divine abundance that is more than sufficient for everyone. But we are hoarders. Humankind is hoarders.

We’re hoarders because we don’t trust that our manna will be ready and sufficient for us. We’re taught that to be happy we have to have more and more and more. If we truly believed that all our needs would be met in sufficient quantity each day, we would not have seen the shortages of toilet paper and sanitizers. We would be giving food and money to food banks so they don’t have to turn away hungry families.

We do have everything we need, but we still don’t believe it.

And that’s where the Daily Bread comes into play. You see, the Daily Bread in the Lord’s Prayer means more than gratitude for the physical sustenance we receive. It also refers to Spiritual Bread, and that’s the part we so often overlook in what we know is abundant in our lives.

As we travel on our Spiritual Journeys, we need spiritual food. In this particular time, we wake up in the morning, read our phones, or watch the morning news shows, and we wonder how we can possibly expect the world to be “normal” again.

The bottom line is that the world will not be normal again if normal is a return to what it was before. In fact, the world tomorrow never has been what it was yesterday, it’s only that the changes were so incrementally small, we didn’t take much notice. 

But now, we’re in a major paradigm shift. Every area of our society is re-assessing what that area will be in the next months and years. And I know you’re thinking about what your life will be like as well.

The good news is that we do live in a universe of abundance, but it’s not manna or leavened bread that we need to be grateful for. It is not loaves or groceries we need to be expecting from Heaven.

The Daily Bread we need to seek and ask for is the awareness of our Christ nature. Our Daily Bread is the presence of Divine Idea in our lives. It is the filling of our inner storage with the Love of God.

‘Very truly, I tell you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you. So you have pain now; but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.’ 

John 16:22-23

The experience of having everything we need comes first from our experiencing the Truth of our Spiritual Body. We need Daily Bread to feed our souls much more than our stomachs.

Why? Because until we are in tune with our spiritual Self, we can never move into fully realizing that Truth of our Divinity. That Truth is that we are the Child of God. That truth is that we do have everything we need. That Truth is that everything is perfect for us at this very moment and we have nothing to fear.

Take just a moment and close your eyes for just a moment. Think about where you are right now. You’re listening to me, but do a quick check and realize that at this exact second, you’re in perfect harmony. Your spiritual energy is elevated. You’re not starving. You may be ill, but right this second [snap] you have no discomfort. Take stock of your breathing. Slow it down. Think into this very second of how peaceful it can be. [hold] It’s quiet in Truth. It’s the Sound of Silence. The noise of the Holy Spirit is just your heart beating.

And that is your Daily Bread. It’s the flow of the living Spirit coming into your presence. The Bread is real when you realize it, and not a second earlier or later. Your Daily Bread will sustain you forever.

It’s called Daily Bread because it is not something to hoard. The Daily Bread – both material and spiritual – is not a promise of the future or a reward of the past. It is assured and it is now.

Do you remember Publisher’s Clearinghouse? They’re still around, but I remember in their hayday, they offered a sweepstakes where you could be paid something like 5000 dollars per month for life. Imagine knowing that month-in and month-out you would get a check for 5000 dollars in your mailbox. I used to relish just how much easier that would make our life if we knew we had that coming in each month.

But, I also suspect that we would have moved into a new reality where we needed more. We would use up that 5000 dollars and still feel we were not completely satisfied. If you read about lottery winners, you find all too sadly they frequently end up broke or, in some cases, in prison. That even winning a hundred million dollars doesn’t give them a happy life.

The Daily Bread from God is not meant to be about tomorrow or beyond. It’s about where you realize your abundance and source today. Right at this moment. It’s the Daily Bread, not the monthly bread or the lifetime bread. It is about today. Right now.

Cyndi and I were talking about the future of this church after this pandemic. As with many churches, donations are down, and many are actually selling their property and downsizing.

And while we have a task group that’s looking at future possibilities, Cyndi and I are also looking at our own personal business and our lives. We can only truly guess at what’s going to happen.

You see, I don’t have the power to direct all the divine forces to some grand conclusion. Nor can I truly set forth in action certain causes of which their effect will be a perfect ending for Cyndi and me, or this church.

But, what I do have the power to do — and what YOU have the power to do — is to accept the Grace of God as the unfoldment of Divine Idea in our lives. In other words, surrender to that of the Highest Good for all, and you will witness the perfection of God.

In our discussions, Cyndi and I decided that as long as we open our hearts to Divine Guidance — grateful and prayerful for that of the Highest Good for All — we’re perfectly happy with whatever happens.

We receive our Daily Bread, each and every time we need comfort from God. Each and every time we need guidance from the Holy Spirit, we receive our Daily Bread. Every moment in which we say, “what next, God?” we receive our Daily Bread.

By giving God our gratitude, our love, and our devotion, we expect nothing more than the exact amount of manna we need. If we try to hoard the manna by asking for special favors or pleading for Divine intervention, the manna will spoil and rot. 

But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. [Matthew 6:33 NRSV]

Why should we think we can expect perfection of health, prosperity, and joy if we aren’t first seeking Divine Spirit?

We don’t expect to have beans and potatoes without going to the grocery store, do we? We don’t open our cupboards to find linens without going first to Bed, Bath & Beyond, right?

So, we should not expect to receive the sustenance of a Divine life in this reality without first going to God.

And the Lord’s Prayer is a perfect first step to doing just that. 

“The Great Prayer is a compact formula for the development of the soul. It is designed with the utmost care for the specific purpose; so that those who use it regularly, with understanding, will experience a real change of soul.”— 

 You may be so well developed in your Spiritual Journey that the Lord’s Prayer may seem a bit elementary, but I know ministers and deep seekers who recite this prayer daily. Not out of habit, but out of necessity.

This is the most perfect prayer ever assembled. It has meaning on so many levels. Even youngsters in grade school have some understanding and value of this prayer. And for metaphysicians, the Lord’s Prayer is a reminder of the depth, beauty, and power of the Christ Jesus experience on this earth.

I would like to invite you to say the Lord’s Prayer each day for one month. Don’t rush it, though. Acknowledge each phrase as you say it. You don’t need to make it a 30-minute exercise, of course, but notice each word.

I’ve taken up saying it while I preventively wash my hands. If you wash your hands for 20 seconds, it’s about the same amount of time it takes to say the Lord’s Prayer. Try it!

And after one single month of daily recitation, I will promise you your life will be better. Whatever you may feel is not good in your life will be better by then. You will see things differently. You will have less fear and anxiety. And you will love more fervently than you’ve ever loved before.

I know this to be true because I have experienced it. I have seen it in other people.

This act of devotion and short contemplation is your Daily Bread. Do you want to eat of the bread of Spirit? Do you want to be fed eternal life at a high level of consciousness? 

Partake today and for the next 29 days, the Daily Bread provided by Spirit. And you will be fed until you’re full. 


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