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Man of Mankind

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Pastor's Desk | 0 comments

Sometimes, I feel like someone who is on a great expedition. As we have taken this journey this month of exploring how I’m working through understanding my relationship with God, the trails we’re blazing are not trails that are new or untrodden by previous souls. 

No, this exploration is simply a personal view of a journey that has been available to all of us since the beginning of time. It is a walk along a path that was mapped out by Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, and so many others. It’s a trail that has been studied and followed by the likes of Maya Angelou, Emmet Fox, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Eckhardt Tolle, and Charles Fillmore.

And it is the very footsteps you and I take any time we feel Divinely inspired. Whenever the power of all Creation is realized in our presence, we are following the path of salvation.

This month has been quite a busy month, as well, of course. Beyond the daily considerations of this new normal we’re living, the evolution of this congregation, running a business, and seeking to do what is in the highest good amidst the anger, rage, and passion of society, I took on working through perhaps the most important activity of all: connecting with my Higher Power in a way that is both meaningful and personal.

If you have been with me this month, you’ve heard me talk about how I have been working through my relationship with God. It’s not that I purposely set out to redefine God or the Christ. As I compare my journey with that of traditional new thought (now there’s an interesting oxymoron), I find a lot of symbiotic energy.

The purpose of this exploration this month has been for two reasons. The first, to put forth an explanation of God and how It relates to me in a way that truly satisfies my academic quest while empowering me to be my highest expression of God. As I bring this understanding into my being, I feel such a lift of purpose, power, and possibilities; it’s challenging even to describe. When I contemplate the power of the Christ Consciousness and how you and I can tap into it for whatever we need, I feel an incredible rush of energy move up my spine. I feel, at last, at peace in knowing – truly knowing – God.

And second – and this is much more important than the first – the second purpose for this time together this month is to encourage you to explore the meaning of God in your life with as much depth and purpose as you can muster.

There are so many good things that will come from the events of 2020. I genuinely believe that. I believe we are in a period of personal, societal, and spiritual “reset.” But one thing we all now have is a heightened sense of priority. We have all been forced to reassess and reclaim what is truly the most important aspects of our lives.

Spending time in contemplation. Praying. Meditating. These are all things we can do while sequestered. And even though I feel so busy – sometimes even busier than before the pandemic – I now place my soul above all else. Because of this virus, because of the challenges of living in this world, because of you and this journey we’re on together: I am convinced more than ever that allowing the Presence of God into my life through the realization of the Christ Consciousness is my highest and most important priority. Period.

Now, pardon me for a moment. I’m going to get a bit honest with you. When I used to hear ministers preach about being a good Christian, I used to think, “That’s easy for you to say, you spend all day in the church!”

You might even be thinking, “Sure, Bret can contemplate. That’s his job!” 

And I know there are some listening with us today who will say, as I did year after year, “I’ll find time to contemplate right after I complete this next job or after the kids leave home or when I can take two weeks and go to Sedona Arizona.”

These are all excuses to keep us from facing the Divine Truth of who we are. And the reason we don’t face this Truth is that we’re afraid of what we might find.

I know I have. For decades, I knew the Truth in my heart, but I so lacked the courage to face this Truth. I still am just a bit shy about learning what this Truth will uncover in my life.

And yet, each time I allow the Christ power into my presence, I am inspired. When I sit down and write these Sunday messages each week, I simply let the words flow through me.

Let me share a little secret with you: these messages are not mine; they simply flow through me from a Higher Consciousness. I wish I could take credit for anything I say that resonates with Truth, but I’m only a messenger.

And so are you.

In fact, your mind is the key to everything. And this brings us to the fourth and final part of this exploration of mine.

Last week, I talked about the Christ Consciousness, the great, shared mind of which we all participate, whether we know it or not. The Christ Consciousness is taking what was created by God – the Divine Substance – and is using it to express God. Our existence is part of the evolutionary process of learning and expressing the power, presence, and love of God.

So where does that leave us individually? If the Christ Consciousness is where all the goodness is generated, we naturally have three questions: one, what is our connection to this consciousness; two, how do we tap into the power of this Oneness; and three, is it our goal to rise into this Consciousness?

We’re going to do some pretty weighty thinking here, so buckle in.

You may remember a talk I gave a few weeks ago called “A Glass of God.” In brief, the analogy was that our life in this moment is like a glass that has been dipped into the ocean of God. If God is the ocean, our glass represents our part of that whole. Let’s look at this just a bit differently now. Let’s call the ocean, the Christ Consciousness. Our glass is the very same substance as that consciousness, but it is separated by the glass in which it is contained. My glass of water – or consciousness – is 99.999 percent the same water or consciousness that is in your glass. That .001 percent difference is what makes us a unique and special expression of the Christ.

I learned from a show I watched this week that scientists have only figured out less than 2% of what the genes in our body do or how they affect our lives. And yet, within those few genes, we know how they give us our individual appearances, personalities, and tendencies. We are over 99% similar to each other genetically, but it’s just the smallest part of our makeup that gives us our physical and conscious individuality.

Yet, it is not our physical individuality that gives us our spirituality. It is not our differences that make us Divine. If I tell you I am special because I read certain books or meditate more or take certain classes, then I don’t truly understand my own Divinity. I am over 99% the same as you in every way, including our connection to the Christ Consciousness. That is what makes us Divine. It is our similarity that connects us. It is our heritage as the Child of God – collectively and as expressions of – that make us Divine.

That’s the first step to realizing the power of the Christ Consciousness: that you are Divine. If there’s any one thing I wish for you, it’s that you know without a doubt that you are Divine.

Because you are Divine, that means you and I are connected. We are both glasses of the same ocean water of Christ Consciousness. And that’s pretty darn exciting. Imagine, you and me as Holy siblings. How cool is that?

By realizing your Divinity you automatically and instantly come into a connection with the Christ Consciousness. If you know you’re Divine, then you know the source of your existence. I believe that the source of your life at this particular time is not because your parents decided to copulate on a particular date. I don’t believe you came into this existence just to take up space. I don’t believe you have any less purpose in life than anyone else.

I do believe that we as the Christ Consciousness knew it was time for your expression in this world, and it is your decision and your ego decision alone whether or not to allow your Divine purpose to come forth.

My Divine purpose right now is to be here with you and share with you the Spiritual Truths as best I know how. I know that’s my Divine purpose because I allowed it to be so.

But hear me clearly on this: that does NOT make me special. It only means I have learned how to listen to the Christ within. I have wiped the dirt off my glass to see the Christ water within and have chosen to see the glass as clear instead of opaque.

I am not more special than you. You are not more special than me. We are special because we are the Child of God. We just have to know that in our heart of hearts. We have to know that each time we breathe, each time we pray, each time we reach out to help someone who is in need or is hurting.

So how do we truly connect to the Christ within? How do we tap into the power of this collective consciousness? We simply do what was taught to us 2,000 years ago and is continually taught to us today by any number of inspired teachers: we use our mind.

There’s God’s Mind which created everything; there’s the Christ Mind which is the super consciousness that expresses the creation of God; and then there’s what I call the Mind of Mankind, which is the individual expression with us all.

Our Mind, with a capital “M,” is not the ego mind. It is our glass of Consciousness, so to speak. Our mind is of the Higher Mind. We don’t need to look to some abstract power source at all.

It’s all right here within us.

Once Jesus was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming, and he answered, “The kingdom of God is not coming with things that can be observed; nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’ For, in fact, the kingdom of God is among you.”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭17:20-21‬ ‭NRSV‬‬

Our Mind is the same mind that exists collectively as the Christ Consciousness. It is the same glass of Mind whose purpose is to take the Divine Substance and shape it with Divine Law – the Law of Love – into the highest expression of God.

We – you and I – have that power within us. It is our Mind. It is our part of the Christ Consciousness that was given to us as part of our bargain of birth. We came into this existence not by accident. We are here not by happenstance or the alignment of the star\. We are here because we dipped our glass into the Christ Consciousness and said, “Yes! I will express God’s Divine Substance!”

Our lives are not in vain unless we allow them to be. Our lives are not marginal, unless we agree to it. Our lives on this earth at this time are on purpose.

And the purpose is to show the world what God is. By doing so, we also give back to the Christ Consciousness. You see, if the Christ Consciousness is all about evolving the expression of God, then anytime we express God in our lives, we are sharing that experience with the entire collective Mind. In our own individual way, we are evolving the expression of God.

Use your Mind. Allow the Christ into your heart by releasing your Mind to be what it was meant to be: a fully loving, forgiving, and sharing soul.

And whatever time you spend in this life will not be spent in vain.

Someday, I will transition. I will pour my glass of Christ Consciousness back into the ocean. Someday, another glass will be dipped and it will contain some of what I was able to contribute.

And that new life expression of the Glass of the Christ will be another way I will serve to express the Power of God. Eternally.


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