After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go.

— Luke 10:1 NSRV

We each find our pathway to our Spiritual Self in ways as varied as us. Your life experiences, relationships, education, and work all influence our journey through life.

At Unity of Lake Travis, we honor whatever journey you are on! 

You should never feel pressure or stress in your quest to find spiritual fulfillments.

The following are only some of the paths that are available to you. Don’t hesitate to visit with our Pastor to learn how we can support you on the path that supports you best.

What you think today may not be the measure of what you think tomorrow.

— Charles Fillmore


People come to Unity and New Thought a variety of ways. Some are introduced via recovery programs (such as AA), while others are simply searching for answers to the questions of “who are we?”

Whatever brings you to us now, know that you will find nothing but love, acceptance, and the pursuit of joy. No dogma. No litmus tests. 


At some point — and it occurs to all of us — you’ll want to take a deeper dive in finding the Spiritual Truths that others have discovered.

Unity was built on the writings of some of the most enlightened minds of the past century-plus. Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity of Lake Travis often offer classes — both online and in-person — to help you move further along your spiritual path.


Living in the Divine will call you to share what you have learned and experienced with others. From our small, close-knit Sunday classes to our ongoing weekly events, you can find a means to share your love.

You should also never feel hesitant about sharing your views and self-reflections. Whatever you may have discovered could help someone else on their spiritual journey.


Become part of the Unity of Lake Travis family — officially! Join as a member, volunteer your time, and pledge your financial support to allow us to carry on our mission as a congregation of love, acceptance, and joy.

Your participation in the growth of ULT is just one way you can continue your spiritual journey. To find out specifics, contact our Pastor.

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