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Have You Thanked God Today?

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Pastor's Desk | 0 comments

Be Grateful Instead

So often we think of “ask and ye shall receive” to mean that if we ask God for something material, we shall receive it. But almost as often, when we do ask God for something, we don’t see it manifest in our lives.


First, we must separate the material from the spiritual. God can only provide us with the Spiritual, since It is Spirit. We can manifest the material in our lives when we understand that we are the ones that are expressing God in our material world.

In other words, we can ask God to guide us, to talk to us, to help us better understand the I AM that I AM. But it is our Mind-Action that heals us, brings abundance into our lives, and creates loving relationships. We do that, of course, by allowing God to manifest that which we commit our mental action on.

Our Mind-Action, with God, allows us to create goodness in our lives. We can use the power and presence of God to make manifest whatever we need or desire.

But, to do so, we must assume it to be complete. As Neville Goddard calls it, “assume the wish fulfilled.”

Now, we can visualize all we want the feeling and essence of any wish fulfilled, but that is still assuming something is not yet present. Anything we can need or want is already present in God’s plan, we just may not have yet seen it materialize in our life.

So, how do we make real something that is yet unseen? How do we demonstrate our faith of the “assurance of things unseen?”

I have found that whenever I thank God for anything, whether it is present yet or not, it will become present in fairly quick order. By thanking God for something, we are assuming it all ready to come into our existence. We don’t need to pretend it is here. We don’t need to undertake some strenuous mental exercises of visualization. Thank God for whatever is good in your life—or that would be good in your life—and I assure you you will find ample goodness beginning to appear.

I also take time to “Thank God” for any existing goodness in my life, not just the goodness I want, but the goodness I am receiving. Not the goodness I have received, for anything we receive from God is in the here and now.


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Pastor Bret

Pastor Bret


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