Committing to Your Soul

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What is a soul? For some, it’s an actual mass that is transmitted at death. Many have tried to weigh the soul, but none have provided clear proof that the soul exists as a transitory matter apart of us.

And that’s because the soul is us. I’m not excited by a soul that could depart from me as if it were a piece of clothing removed at the funeral home. Nor do I want it to be a possession that I must keep close at hand as if losing it would cast me to the depths of Dante’s Inferno.

No, I’m much more joyful realizing that I AM my soul. I AM that which the soul is: my Christ-ness. I AM one with God, the Divine Creator. My soul is my inheritance, my piece of the holy DNA. Like the chromosomes in my body, my soul never leaves me. Rather, I go as my soul to whatever consciousness I can — spiritual explorers on a quest to re-unite soul with giver, child with parent, Son with God.

However, for us to accomplish this ultimate reunion, we must commit to the journey. We must decide NOW that the journey is worthwhile. Just as your father may have driven hundreds of miles to take your family on a vacation, we should also set forth without hesitation to travel afar into the higher realms of Divine consciousness. It may be a long trip across mountains or a simple stay-cation. Whichever and however long it takes, are you ready to commit to the journey?

Your soul is waiting on your decision. 


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Pastor Bret

Pastor Bret


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