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Christ Consciousness

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Pastor's Desk | 0 comments

Today, I want to share with you what I feel is perhaps the most powerful aspect of our existence. This is the third of four parts of what I am working through as a way of understanding my relationship with God.

If you recall, two weeks ago we talked about both the enormity, permanence, and eternal nature of God. The entirety of everything is that which is the Substance of God.

Last week, we brought that substance into the idea that it is meant to be shaped by Divine Law and THAT law is simply the power that describes All of God: Love. It is Divine Love that expresses Divine Substance into the highest expression of God.

And all of that is fine and good, but now it’s very natural for us to ask “what is our purpose in all this? Hasn’t God created everything? Are we co-creators with God? Are we the ones shaping the Divine Substance?”

I’m sure you’ve heard about Utopian societies. The first published idea of a Utopia was by Thomas More in 1516. It was more of a political satire than some great blueprint for an ideal community, but ever since many have imagined just what joy a society of people who enjoy complete equality in justice, economics, and nourishment.

In every attempt to create such a society, the realities of human emotions, limitations, and selfishness — the very domains of ego — always creep up and shatter the dream. 

Let’s imagine for just a moment that God’s only intention is perfection. We pray for perfection in our lives all the time. It’s part of our affirmative nature in Unity, right.

If we can agree that God’s vision is perfection, we could, in essence, agree that the total expression of God would truly be Utopian, right? The Divine Idea is Utopia.

Now, we know from experience that if humans are tasked with realizing a Utopian world, we find it very difficult. In modern times, when groups have tried building communes of equality, none have outlasted the foibles of the individuals involved.

However, with God, we have no choice but to proceed.

The idea of Utopia is, however, a very worthy goal. Just because it seems elusive and out of reach does not mean it is not a Divine objective.

Cyndi and I were just watching an episode of a Netflix series called History 101. The latest one we watched was about feminism. It was about 100 years ago — just yesterday in the history of mankind — New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women the right to vote.

In the 1960s, the beginning of the modern feminist movement began. That was 60 years ago. Congress had only a very few women elected officials and the world had only had two elected women leaders of major countries: Golda Meir of Israel and Indira Gandhi of India. Since then, there have been dozens of countries with elected female leaders. More women are leading major corporations and the pay gap is slowly — all too slowly, to be sure — narrowing.

The move to a better world is slow and painful. It feels incredibly sluggish and has often come with violence and struggle.

But we all truly know what Utopia looks like. We know that it eliminates hate, racism, and inequality. We know that it gives everyone a positive life experience and rewards everyone collectively instead of individually. Above all, Utopia is a state of love. Pure, divine, spiritual, powerful love. The Divine Idea.

If we look back over the history of humankind, we see that we have evolved. During Jesus’ time, slavery was very commonplace. Today, it only exists illegally in very few places in the world. Charitable giving by individuals increases each year. And more democracies exist today than ever before.

But it has been a slog, hasn’t it? It sure seems that way.

In religions over the millennia, the idea that someday we will rise to a new spiritual existence has been a hope and aspiration to lift us out of what feels like quicksand. Christianity has latched onto the concept of a Second Coming; that someday Jesus would return to earth and take all the faithful into a new dimension of total joy and happiness.

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Revelation 21:1-2 NSRV

One idea of God I think we both agree with is that time and space mean nothing to God. God created Substance. Everything created from Substance is of our doing; therefore space and time are our constructs, not God’s.

If we have one purpose, it is to express the perfection of God; to shape the Divine Substance to represent the Utopia of God’s vision; to reclaim the Garden of Eden.

But how do we do that? We are mere mortals, aren’t we? If you listen to the news, you can easily see that we don’t seem to get along very well together.

And, yet, we evolve. We are very much moving to express God’s Utopia. It’s evolving on Divine time, not our time, though.

Imagine with me, if you would, that there is a collective power among us that is guiding us toward Utopia. Imagine that we inherently know what is Divine in our lives and that as much as possible we move toward that state of consciousness.

We do know what is Divine, don’t we? That’s why we are sharing together right now. We know in our being what is the Highest Good. Sometimes we have to meditate, pray, sing, or just float down a lazy river in order to hear and know what is ours to do.

But we know it. We know it.

This collective consciousness is the Christ consciousness or, as some would call it, the Super Consciousness. It is the highest energy vibration that we can all tap. It is the Plan for Utopia. It is the second coming. It is that to which we will all ascend when we have fully expressed the Love of God throughout all of humankind.

The Christ Consciousness is the source of all our Goodness. It lives and moves among us, prodding us to express the Love of God by using Divine Substance.

But Divine Substance is not that which is used by us individually. It is what we use collectively to create our world.

Let me ask you a question. If I gave you an endless supply of materials — perhaps only the sub-particles that make up atoms, light, and energy — and said to you, “use these to show me what you think God is.” What would you produce?

To express the enormity of God, you might create a vast, growing universe. To express the complexity and beauty of God, you might create a world in 7 days that consisted of all kinds of wonderful creatures and living things. And to express the Love of God, you might create humans who become aware of a Divine purpose and who learn through love that which is great about God. For without that which is not Love, we cannot know and appreciate love.

What I’m suggesting is that our Christ Consciousness — that super level of consciousness of which we all belong — is working toward learning and expressing the Utopian existence of God.

And there is a blueprint for this effort. The Christ Consciousness is not operating blindly. The blueprint has been distilled to us by some pretty amazing teachers in our short history. Perhaps none as succinct as Jesus, though. 

I would suggest, however, that anytime we are inspired to express Divine Love, we are living as Jesus did. Even in the smallest acts of kindness or attitude. Even when our heart breaks from seeing the metaphorical merchants in the temple. Even when we cry out in anguish, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Even at those times, we are evolving toward Utopia. Inch by inch, we are moving to the Highest Expression of God.

And the shortcut is really so very simple: express Divine Love in all you do. Period. I know it’s not easy, but it really is that simple.

The Christ Consciousness is God’s begotten son. It is the spiritual organism of which we are its cells. As it grows, it repairs itself by renewing its cells. As it matures, it takes on new ideas to share among the cells. Just are our bodies mature and change to enable us to achieve more, so does our collective consciousness.

The year 2020 is teaching us two important lessons: first, we are not as close to nirvana as we may wish we were, but second, together we can move mountains as long as we are sharing the faith that we can move mountains.

Do you remember how within just a few days of the mass quarantine effort back in March the beautifully clear photos of the Los Angeles skyline? I’d like to think this is how our world would look if we could clear the air of our human limitations.

I encourage you right not to begin to imagine yourself as part of the whole — the whole of the universe, the whole of consciousness, and the whole of humankind — and I promise you will begin to see this world beyond the limiting smog of ego consciousness.

As we begin to see more clearly, we begin to express our Divine nature, Love. And if we all expressed Love all the time, well, I would think we will have reached Utopia.


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