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Do You Study Spirit?

As part of my process to become a credentialed minister, I am taking four courses right now from Unity Worldwide Ministries. These are some of the same courses required to become a Licensed Unity Teacher, as well. The online courses are on metaphysics, "Acts to...

Study Spirit
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Are You a Healer?

I think we all want to answer "Yes." And the Truth is we can be Spiritual Healers if we want to be. Surprisingly, it's not difficult. There are no prerequisites or courses you have to take. You don't even need to be "religious" (in fact, I'm not sure that...

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God is For Us

I'm looking out my window at this moment, on Wednesday morning, joyful for the clear skies and bright sunlight. It's quiet outside, as well, allowing for increased awareness that nature is continuing on, not subject to the quarantine we are honoring. That birds are...

God is For Us
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This is our Reset

If you know anything about me, you know I'm an optimist. I'm also impatient and look for ways to evolve. I don't like standing still. And for so long, I've felt that religious practice has been "standing still." Even among newer groups, denominations, and...

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Committing to Your Soul

What is a soul? For some, it's an actual mass that is transmitted at death. Many have tried to weigh the soul, but none have provided clear proof that the soul exists as a transitory matter apart of us. And that's because the soul is us. I'm not excited...

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Those of us in Austin and Travis County are now under a proclaimed "Shelter-in-Place" order. We're encouraged to stay at home except for the most necessary reasons. Most businesses are shuttered for the time being. The church is also closed. Normally, on...

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The Epidemic Upon Us

While we would enjoy considering the recent Coronavirus outbreak as something outside our sphere of normal life, the fact is that just a bit of extra vigilance and common sense hygiene may help us survive what the WHO announced today is a pandemic. We do want to...

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We Grow Through Change

We have boxes and boxes of photos and videos stacked in our garage. When I have time to sift through them, I feel at times a loss of that which has passed. I remember playing tag throughout my hometown of Crosbyton, Texas; buying 10¢ toys at Woolworths; cruising...

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The Season of Lent

In preparation for our next series, “The Christ Life,” and because of the Lent season, I picked up Keep a True Lent by Charles Fillmore from our lending library. It’s a marvelous collection of Fillmore’s writings on the subject, as well as 40 daily...

Season of Lent

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