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Affirmative Prayer Power

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The key to affirmative prayer is praying from a position of power.

What’s Your Starting Position when you Pray?

When did you first learn to pray? What method did you use for getting God’s attention?
Some of us might have come out of a prayer tradition that sounded something like this, “Lord, I have offended thee and I deserve the pains of hell.” Or maybe you ended up with a prayer style that sounded like bargaining and negotiation with God: “God, if you (fill in the blank), I’ll (fill in the blank).”

Was your starting position a sense of powerlessness and unworthiness, asking for help and just hoping a God somewhere heard you? And did that starting position maybe include an underlying assumption that God was inherently mad at you? Did you feel like you were praying to a God up there, out there, outside of yourself to give you something that you thought you lacked?
Unity’s Principle #4 says this about prayer: Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-Mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good.

Did you ever pray from the starting position of “thinking that brings forth good”?

Affirmative Prayer
The power of affirmative prayer has to do with your starting position: establishing the identity of the pray-er.  Affirmative prayer is prayer that starts from a position of acknowledgment of our identity as children of God, a position that aligns us with the One Presence and the One Power of Unity’s Principle #1. God is good without opposite. There is no other power. There is no place that God is not. We cannot be separated from God. Oneness is our natural state. One Power. Omnipresent good.

Prayer is not something we do for God. It is something we do to maintain our awareness of Truth. Through prayer, we open ourselves to the direct experience of God. As we grow in our understanding of the nature of ourselves and our oneness with God and with each other…we pray. As we pray in oneness with God, we open up to the awareness that when we pray for one of us, we pray for all of us. We pray not to God, but from God, as children of One Power, omnipresent good. We pray not for something, but as something—as Oneness that is already whole and complete and lacks nothing.
Affirmative prayer is not an asking, it is a knowing.

Jesus Showed Us the Way—Living in Awareness of our Oneness
Jesus, our great way-shower, demonstrated what is possible when we live in awareness of our Oneness, consciously and willingly aligned with our Divinity, living as expressions of the divine in human form.
It is from this consciousness of awareness that we pray.

How do we get to that state of awareness? By exercising dominion over our thoughts. As we think, so we are. If we think from an awareness of our identify as children of God, so we are, and so do we align ourselves with Truth. To focus our prayer on solutions to perceived problems, we need only to focus our awareness on the presence of God within us.

Prayer Does Not Change God—It Changes Us
What would change in us and for us if we shifted our starting position from praying to God as capricious, or as a glorified celestial bell hop waiting to relieve us of our baggage? What would change in us and for us if we started our prayers from a position of knowing and affirming the living Truth of our Oneness with the living God within us? Affirmative prayer empowers. Affirmative prayer directs our thoughts toward the positive outcome rather than fueling the negative situation.


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Pastor Bonnie

Pastor Bonnie


Bonnie Gale is a Licensed Unity Teacher and professor of English at Texas College in Tyler, Texas. She served as Spiritual Leader of Unity of Lake Travis from 2017-2019.

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