Board of Trustees

Kay McManus


Kay McManus grew up in Texas and is still learning from the school of adventure, a graduate of the school of hard knocks and Texas State University. In 2009 Kay left the electronic industry where she served as an Account Manager for a component manufacturer and started K-Kan Inc.

K-Kan, Inc is a professional services company providing hands-on and virtual administrative, bookkeeping, marketing, and organizational services to various clients throughout central Texas.

After moving back to Texas, Kay became involved and still serves as an officer with the Lake Travis Toastmaster group. She also contributes time and positive energy to Unity of Lake Travis and is active in her hometown with charitable events and working on the family ranch.

Kay McManus

Sheweia Jones

Vice President

I was born in West Texas and graduated from Cal State at San Bernardino, California with a B. A. in Fine Arts and a Minor in Women’s Studies. I managed to keep painting, which was great, but it isolated me in a sense, and I knew I must forge new relationships.  I had a friend that had grown up in Unity, and I considered that my best option.  So I went and was amazed at the acceptance of everyone, and they actually were interested in my art and asked me to teach classes.  I can’t tell you how the experience transformed me in every way.  Both sons noticed a difference in me, and one said one day, “I can see how you have changed since going to Unity.”  I believe my relationships with them changed also for the better.  I am so grateful that I was asked to be a part of the board and to stretch my wings to find out what I had to contribute.

Charles Davis


  • Licensed Microbiologist
  • Clinical work in early career both for state of Texas and Baylor Hospital
    Director of Programs, Medical Devices, for state of Texas, overseeing auditors of medical device manufacturers in Texas
  • Quality Control for Abbott Laboratories Austin plant
    Now retired
Charles Davis
Pamela McLeod

Pamela Scherer McLeod


Pamela found transcendental meditation (TM©) in 1973 and Unity in 1987. At the time, she was living in Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended law school and practiced law for 10 years prior to moving to Austin. The next decade was spent enjoying parenting her children. After a number of jobs she never dreamt she’d be doing, she spent 13 years working as an author/senior writer for a business intelligence publisher serving the medical laboratory industry, and now enjoys working from home as a document review attorney.

Her kids and grandkids are her favorite people, and her passions include reading and writing about New Thought/Ancient Wisdom (she’s working to complete the manuscript of her first novel!), singing, dancing, theater, playing guitar and piano, camping, sailing, hiking, ice skating, snow skiing, movies and listening to people’s stories.

Pamela did her undergraduate studies at Ohio State University, University of Paris—Sorbonne, and the University of South Alabama. She grew up living and traveling in Asia and Europe and has an intense love of languages and just about anything that involves international.

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