About Unity of Lake Travis

Bee Cave Schoolhouse

IN AUGUST of 2015, a spirited group of Unity seekers set out to establish a new congregation in the Lake Travis/Lakeway area.

Under the initial leadership of Rev. John Connor, Unity of Lake Travis held its first service in the historic Bee Cave Schoolhouse on August 2, 2015.

Mission Statement:  We are a welcoming community for all to grow in peace, love, and acceptance.

Vision Statement: We surrender to the flow of the never-ending stream of Divine abundance, (which includes clarity, creativity, innovation, and replenishing resources). We are surrendering to this flow with faith and trust, love and peace.

We celebrate and appreciate the amazing spiritual growth and evolution of Unity of Lake Travis, affirming our highest good and service, and reveling in the expansion of the Christ Consciousness within us.

Unity of Lake Travis is a community focused on demonstrating love, acceptance, compassion, and inclusiveness. Unity emphasizes the practical, everyday application of spiritual principles to help people live more abundant and meaningful lives.

We are an accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose. Where ever you are on your spiritual path, you are welcome here to explore, learn, and grow. We welcome your voice, your questions, and your faith.

What you will find at Unity of Lake Travis is a place you can call your spiritual home.  You will hear inspiring messages and take part in interesting discussions. You will develop friendships, share ideas, and have support from a positive, affirming spiritual community.

Unity of Lake Travis is affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries.

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