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5 Step Prayer Process

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Step 1. Recognition

When we pray, we recognize that God is all there is. A Course in Miracles states: “We say ‘God is,’ and then we cease to speak, for in that knowledge words are meaningless. There are no lips to speak them, and no part of mind sufficiently distinct to feel that it is now aware of something not itself. It has united with its Source. And like its Source Itself, it merely is.” We recognize and identify with the characteristics of God that live within us. If the purpose of your prayer is great vitality and health, you might recognize God as wholeness. If you are seeking prosperity you might recognize God as abundance, expansion and creativity. If you are seeking clarity you might recognize God as wisdom, understanding and divine direction. Powerful prayer does not try to convince God of anything. Its power lies in merely activating a recognition of the power and goodness of God that already abides within us.

Step 2. Unification

“To reach a higher level of being, you must assume a higher concept of yourself.” –Neville Goddard
When we pray, we acknowledge our unity with God and that we are individualized and perfect expressions of Divine Mind. God is All There Is. The Divine, in all Its infinite power and glory, expresses in, as, and through me.

Step 3. Affirmation

When we pray, we affirm that which is. We know that we experience life through our thoughts and that our thinking creates our reality. God is.

Watch your words! Remember, affirmative prayer does not mean saying, “Please…” and asking God to make up the difference. It does not mean that you pray from a starting position of lack, or need. It does mean that you shift your focus away from the neediness, the situation, the problem… go to steps 1 and 2.

Unity’s Principle #3 has to do with the function of affirmative thought. “Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs have the power to create our reality. We create not just as individuals, but as groups. We are all connected in the One Mind. We pray then for others.”

When we affirm our oneness with the Infinite, we energize our words as we open to the feelings of infinite love, peace and joy. We affirm from a position of knowing that the completeness we seek is already here and that all that we ask is already given.

It is important to be specific and to speak with conviction, feel into it, see it unfolding. Fully. Right now. Totally. Completely. Viscerally. Utterly. Deeply. Entirely. Clearly. Profoundly. Strongly…I have…I am. What is the Truth that you claim? –that you declare?

Affirmative prayer is the tool of creation, the pivot to our deeper awareness. It is the key to manifestation. Affirmative prayer means simply to turn the power of our thinking toward the all-powerful thought, God is.

Step 4. Gratitude

“Thank you for the blessing!” What would you say if your prayers had already been answered?
Prayer is not a supplication. Jesus gave great instruction when he invited us to, “pray knowing it is done.” Prayer is faith in action. It is the affirming of a greater truth than one once accepted. This one truth will transform your prayers from empty pleas into clear and affirmative declarations of the Truth…of who you are, who you have always been, and who you will always be.

Step 5. Release

Living the Truth means that we do the work necessary to remain conscious and aware of our Oneness. The operative concept is remaining in a state of awareness of our Oneness with Spirit. The operative means to that end is doing the work. Spirituality is an active process. If we feel our lives need work, we recognize that as a call from our inner voice telling us we have work to do. Affirmative prayer puts us in a starting position that aligns us with Truth.

We have work to do, but that does not mean that all the work is ours to do. We align ourselves with the truth of our Oneness with God. We pray. And, we release—we let go and let God do His work. This is where we surrender to the grace of faith. We don’t have to stare at the oven, so to speak. We know the cake is baking! Know that it is done. Know that it is done. Let go and let God.

I release my word into the Universal Law of Mind.
I release my word into the action of the Law that always says yes…
I release these intentions into the competent hands of God…
And, it is already done, in absolute perfection, right here, right now! And so it is!


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Pastor Bonnie

Pastor Bonnie


Bonnie Gale is a Licensed Unity Teacher and professor of English at Texas College in Tyler, Texas. She served as Spiritual Leader of Unity of Lake Travis from 2017-2019.

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