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Month: March 2020

Pastor's Desk


Those of us in Austin and Travis County are now under a proclaimed "Shelter-in-Place" order. We're encouraged to stay at home except for the most necessary reasons. Most businesses are shuttered for the time being. The church is also closed. Normally, on...

Pastor's Desk

The Epidemic Upon Us

While we would enjoy considering the recent Coronavirus outbreak as something outside our sphere of normal life, the fact is that just a bit of extra vigilance and common sense hygiene may help us survive what the WHO announced today is a pandemic. We do want to...

Pastor's Desk

We Grow Through Change

We have boxes and boxes of photos and videos stacked in our garage. When I have time to sift through them, I feel at times a loss of that which has passed. I remember playing tag throughout my hometown of Crosbyton, Texas; buying 10¢ toys at Woolworths; cruising...


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